24 Hrs Global Space Innovation, 5 November (online event)

Global space innovation

Proximum Group is launching the 24 Hrs Global Space Innovation Online Meetings Event that is already making noise around the globe! We, at Proximum, are dedicated to merging the best Space Innovative Skills from around the World.

The 24 Hrs Global Space Innovation Online Meetings Event is dedicated to decision-makers from all over the world that are users or manufacturers of space technologies and who wish to connect to the First Global Network of Space Leaders in a short period of time without having to travel.


  • To meet Tomorrow’s Challenges…
  • International Cooperation is more than ever essential to achieve our medium-term objectives.  
  • The Only Global Event that sterilizes international cooperation, whether technological production or the pooling of human or financial resources.


  • We Connect the space industry leaders through One2One Events such as:  Space Online Meetings, ESA Industry Space Days, Paris Space Week, New Space Show, Toulouse Space Show, London Space Week with approximately 700,000 Pre-scheduled Business meetings per year.
  • We Care about what matters most to you!
  • Space Innovation is operating at an amazing pace and We Lead the Way to a Swift and Cost-effective Solution to Bring Together Space Leaders on a Global Scale.

We take pride in the fact that the connection between the actual & new players of the Space industry is steady and recurrent year after year due to the targeted pre-scheduled qualified leads and the customer service from our dedicated members of the “Spaceteam Watchtower” Before, during and after the Events.

Whether you are at home or at the office … We will make sure that your Business meeting will happen successfully!

You just need to connect…. We do the rest!

Click here for more information and to register or for the event.

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