3 HK aims to boost gamer cred with Gash points card

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3 Hong Kong and regional digital entertainment payment platform Gash Point have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch a co-branded game points card.

The game points card – which Hong Kong gamers can buy for face values ranging from HK$10 (around $1.30) to HK$1,500 – comes complete with bonus game points amounting to not less than 5% of a purchase. These can be used to enjoy some 3,000 popular international mobile and PC games, plus digital content. Gamers could also be offered privileges involving special edition gaming equipment.

3 HK says the co-branded game card will be the first of its kind provided in Hong Kong by a telecoms operator in conjunction with an entertainment payment platform. The collaboration also includes direct carrier billing for card purchases.

Gamers holding a Gash Point account can access digital entertainment content via the Gash app, including games such as Clash of Kings, MonsterStrike and the Xifeizuan Palace Game, as well as Japanese digital content via the DMM.com audio-visual gaming platform and the DLsite.com online shop dedicated to otaku.

The Gash Point collaboration is 3 HK’s latest move in its strategy to become the cellco of choice among gamers, following its recent partnership with gaming lifestyle brand Razer, said Kenny Koo, 3 HK’s Director of Roaming and Service Development.

“The route to this goal involves collaboration with world-class partners, so we can offer the hottest gaming products and services, while delivering the latest eSports information,” he said. “This will enable young gamers to follow trends and take advantage of a succession of privilege offers from 3 Hong Kong.”

Koo said the Gash collaboration “serves to take our integrated gaming platform to the next level,” as it provides local users with a convenient payment method.

It’s also a milestone for Taiwan-based Gash in its penetration of the Asian market, said Simon Lu, Gash’s Chief Operating Officer.

“We have been developing our presence in the Hong Kong market for years, which is now enabling us to become the best-placed partner in terms of digital entertainment. Globalization and mobilization are Gash’s core targets this year, so we will be looking for yet more partners overseas,” Lu said. “This will allow us to extend our operational scale, enhance the Gash application user experience, establish an online-to-offline [O2O] scenario and revamp Gash’s website in order to improve loyalty among members.”

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