3 HK and Huawei build NB-IoT network for start-ups to play with

Image credit: GuoZhongHua / Shutterstock.com

3 Hong Kong and Huawei have announced completion of a narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network that will be used by local enterprises and start-ups to develop NB-IoT apps.

3 HK said the network features NFV technology to enable cloud-based proof-of-concept activity around NB-IoT applications without the need for additional hardware for testing. It also reduces investment risk and time to market.

3 HK also said it is collaborating with Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks to enable start-ups to develop NB-IoT apps for various industries and commercialize them. The cellco is also working with industrial corporations, partners and other CK Hutchison Group members to conduct research into NB-IoT apps using its network.

For example, 3 HK is partnering with Power Assets Holdings to research possible NB-IoT apps such as utility meters, surveillance and management of oil pipelines, big data analysis and smart surveillance to save energy and boost operational efficiency.

3 HK also said it has established an inter-departmental task force that will make technical, sales and marketing experts available to start-ups to help them transform R&D results into viable solutions that will popularize commercial use of NB-IoT and feed into Hong Kong’s smart city ambitions.

The 3 HK/Huawei NB-IoT announcement comes on the heels of news last week that China Mobile Hong Kong has launched its own NB-IoT network, billed as the first such network in Hong Kong. However, CMHK gave no further details about the NB-IoT network other than the fact that it was commercially available.

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