3 Hong Kong gets permit to use 26-GHz/28-GHz bands for 5G trials

Image credit: Iaremenko Sergii / Shutterstock.com

3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong, announced that it has received a temporary permit from Hong Kong’s independent telecoms regulator  to conduct 5G network trials in the 26-GHz and 28-GHz mmWave spectrum bands.

The permit, granted to 3 Hong Kong by the Communications Authority (CA) in accordance with section 7E of the Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap 106), allows 3 Hong Kong to possess, establish, maintain and use transmitting and receiving stations, as specified, for radiocommunications and to conduct in-and-outdoor trials of 5G NR user equipment in the second half of 2018.

3 Hong Kong said it is committed to developing 5G technology following its successful application for an indoor 5G test permit in the 3.5-GHz band last August, after which a number of tests were completed before the end of 2017.

The company said it will continue carrying out in- and-outdoor 5G trials in the 26-GHz and 28-GHz bands from the third quarter of this year.

3 Hong Kong said it is “determined to launch a 5G service at the earliest opportunity”, after 5G spectrum specifications and standards have been finalized.

The CA currently plans to officially allocate commercial spectrum for 5G services sometime in 2019.

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