5G ACTION: China mad at Oz, India roadmap, Asian Games

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5G action this day: China is not at all pleased with Australia’s Huawei/ZTE 5G ban; India panel proposes 5G spectrum roadmap; Unicom has a 5G plan, and it starts in Beijing; and KT takes 5G demos to Asian Games in Jakarta.

China is not at all pleased with Australia’s Huawei/ZTE 5G ban

China has issued official and unofficial responses to Australia’s decision to ban Huawei and ZTE from supplying 5G networks in the country that can be summed up thusly: we’ll get you for this.

According to VentureBeat, the official response from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said the rules would “exert negative influence” on both Chinese and Australian companies and were contrary to principles of fair and open trade: “Australia should look at the big picture of bilateral economic and trade cooperation,” the spokesperson said, “rather than easily interfere with and restrict normal business activities in the name of national security.”

An editorial in state-controlled paper Global Times was less diplomatic, accusing Australia of backstabbing Huawei and caving into pressure from the US government. The paper also warned both the US and Australia:  “Those who willfully hurt Chinese companies with an excuse of national security will meet their nemesis.” Read more …

India panel proposes 5G spectrum roadmap

The Indian government’s 5G Forum panel has recommended that the government release a 5G spectrum allocation plan by the end of the year, to include temporary free spectrum for trials, reports ET Telecom.

The panel also recommended that most regulatory guidelines should be in place by March 2019.

The panel is also sticking to India’s proposed roadmap to launch the first 5G networks by 2020, despite the clear risks of early adoption, such as more expensive and potentially “glitchy” network equipment. Read more …

Unicom has a 5G plan, and it starts in Beijing

China Unicom has launched its 5G initiative – called Next 5G – under which it plans to build 300 5G base stations in Beijing by the end of this year, reports RCR Wireless.

Unicom says it will start up 5G pilots for testing in Beijing this year, and is also planning 5G pilots in Tianjin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guiyang, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, and Shenyang. Read more …

KT takes 5G demos to Asian Games in Jakarta

South Korean incumbent KT is once again staging public demos of its 5G network … in Jakarta.

According to Computer Weekly, the demo is being staged in partnership with local cellco Telkomsel in conjunction with the Asian Games, which kicked off last Saturday in Jakarta and will run until Sept 2. The demo is hosted in Telkomsel’s 5G experience center at Jakarta’s Bung Karno stadium, the primary venue for the games.

5G apps on display for visitors include “Free View”, which enables viewers to watch badminton and basketball games from different cameral angles, and virtual reality games. Read more …

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