5G’s most underrated quality is CSR, says Cellcard chief

Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard
Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard

Cambodia may not be the first Asia-Pacific market that springs to mind when you talk about the latest advances in mobile broadband, yet it’s hardly a laggard. Every mobile operator in the country offers 4G services – to include Cellcard, which was the last cellco to launch 4G but offers the fastest connectivity of the bunch, according to OpenSignal.

That said, OpenSignal also noted that while Cellcard’s average LTE connection speeds (19.7 Mbps) are above the global average (16.2 Mbps), Cambodia’s overall LTE speeds are among the lowest worldwide, so there’s a long way to go.

But Cellcard isn’t content with just improving its 3G/4G connections – it’s already set its sights on 5G, and not just because of the extra capacity and revenue opportunities.

On the sidelines of TechXLR8’s recent 5G Asia conference in Singapore, Cellcard CEO Ian Watson sat down with Disruptuve.Asia editor John Tanner to explain why Cambodia’s relatively late start in 4G is actually an advantage in terms of getting a head start on 5G. He also explained why he feels that 5G’s most underrated quality is its ability to help cellcos undertake corporate social responsibility projects from literacy and financial inclusion (which Cellcard is already doing) to healthcare and education.

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