5G enterprise market holds revenue generating opportunities

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Organizations are increasingly embracing 5G enterprise solutions to enhance their communication capabilities and leverage next-generation technologies, leading to substantial growth in the global 5G enterprise market. A comprehensive study was undertaken to uncover this market’s current and future growth scenarios worldwide.

The demand for effective and efficient business communication and data services enabled by IoT and AI has been growing unprecedentedly. This 5G Enterprise Market Report highlights attractive revenue generation opportunities for 5G enterprise solution providers resulting from this shift.

COVID-19 pandemic accelerated 5G enterprise adoption

Despite being a crisis for many industries worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted 5G communication technology and its related sectors. The viral outbreak has served as a defining moment for the 5G enterprise market, witnessing a solid increase in adoption rates among businesses seeking enhanced operability. Governments have played a crucial role in promoting 5G networks to accelerate connectivity and enterprise adoption. The sudden shift to remote working and work-from-home models has greatly benefited the establishment and progress of 5G enterprise solutions.

Licensed spectrum dominates, but demand for shared spectrum grows

Licensed spectrum remains the preferred choice in the 5G enterprise market, as it provides businesses with high-quality connectivity at reduced costs, even when adding new resources. It also ensures a high level of security. However, the demand for shared/unlicensed spectrum is expected to increase among smaller companies due to the rising adoption of cost-effective unlicensed infrastructure that enables standalone operation.

Large-scale businesses lead adoption, with opportunities in SMEs

Large-scale organizations are at the forefront of 5G enterprise adoption, and this trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. With a growing number of large enterprises investing in 5G network connectivity to meet the escalating need for high-speed internet, the dominance of these organizations in the 5G enterprise market will persist. However, research also indicates a growing opportunity for 5G enterprise solution providers in small and medium-sized enterprises as they increasingly embrace IoT, AI, and other technologies to scale up their digital transformation efforts.

Asia Pacific emerges as a lucrative market

Initial research findings suggest that the Asia Pacific region will remain the most lucrative market for key 5G enterprise solutions providers. This market is poised to benefit from notable economic growth, rapid developments in the telecommunication sector, significant investments in 5G technology, and the emergence of numerous small and mid-sized enterprises across the region.

As organizations in the region heavily invest in 5G enterprise solutions to stay competitive, the market is expected to experience healthy growth. The strong modernization of telecom networks, particularly the deployment of 5G, will be a key driver for 5G enterprise market growth in the Asia Pacific region.

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