There are those that think 5G is evil – and they may be right

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There is a group known as anti-vaxxers. They believe that 5G is evil. They believe that no consultation took place at a local level before the masts and infrastructure was rolled out. And they believe that 5G is probably going to fry our brains and spy on us while it happens.

You may well smile, but it is a problem.

With safety and security being the platform of the moment, they have a voice and they have a following.

And, in Australia where there is a vocal and high profile group, their activities around 5G are costing Telstra and Optus time and money. And the Government will, surely, be forced into commissioning more research into the eternal safety questions around the latest ‘G’.

So, the whole thing is just a bore, right?

Well, maybe, but we have been wrong before.

In the Dark Ages, when phones were phones and looked like bricks, the signal was analogue. When it was launched in London, the powers that be turned the switch to ‘high’ in order to maximise coverage and minimise cost.

There was a conference as a result of concerns in some quarters and one of the speakers was a leading anaesthetist from the Marsden, the leading cancer clinic in the UK.

“When patients get to the point,” he said, “where the end is near and the pain is unbearable and not even morphine will take care of it, here is what we do.

We drill a hole in the base of their spine and implant a radio transmitter of about one watt. Then we turn it on.

And they never feel anything, ever again.

I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen, that you are proposing that people hold a radio transmitter – of a little more than one watt – next to their brains, for some minutes at a time, in some cases much more.”

Apologies for the cliché but you could have heard a pin drop.

Following this conference, there was a period when coverage in London was almost non-existent. Then, a few months later, with masts sprouting like tentacles from every roof top, it magically became better again.

The thing is we do not really know. We do not have enough time to properly test the damage that radio waves do to us. Sadly our children and their children will be the ones who finally find out whether there is danger or not.

We have, let’s face it, only just begun to realise that people die from vaping too much. And that was the safe alternative to smoking, sanctioned by Governments.

We are not fans of conspiracy theories. We are not fans of slowing down progress unless there is very good reason to do so.

But we do believe that we should not brush safety concerns under the carpet just because they are championed by people who shout loudly in public on the platform that is convenient at the time.

Yes, operators will have to spend more to challenge the allegations. Yes, Governments will have to pay for more and more research.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing.


  1. The problem as anti-5g (you seem to have conflated 5G and being against vaccinations, though there is overlap) types will tell you, is the 5g is not strictly speaking radio waves. It’s closer to microwave radiation. We already know what microwaves do to food. The inventor of the microwave spent years developing it and making it safe. But cellphone inventors don’t give a fig about safety. Don’t believe me? I just saw a commercial where Verizon wants to give everyone a free upgrade. Verizon literally wants us to be guinea pigs.

  2. I’ve also heard that there are “other” signals within 5G radio waves that can be programmed to change the way a person responds to certain things, ie; brainwashing.
    It’s so strange that conspiracy theorists are looked at as if they’re completely nuts. When the U.S. gov has historically done all kinds of horrible things to countless countries around the world. Conquering, dominating, “acquiring” land, countries and resources. Promptly removing anything (or anyone) who stands in their way. It’s long been the way of colonial expansion. Why wouldn’t a highly desirable device like a cell phone be made to influence the public on a continental scale, in a subversive, covert kind of way?
    Makes sense to me…

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