5G action this day: Huawei/LG U+ field test, Ericsson/KDDI PoC

Image credit: ranjith ravindran / Shutterstock.com

ITEM: LG U+ and Huawei say they have successfully completed the first phase of their 5G intensive urban field test in the Sangam area of Seoul.

The test content covered coverage and capacity tests using the millimeter-wave 28-GHz frequency band. Huawei says the test achieved a downlink rate of 2.5 Gbps at a distance of 1 km, while the peak rate for a single user reached 18.5 Gbps.

Huawei said the test builds the foundation for the next phase of large-scale continuous coverage tests, providing a networking reference for follow-up 5G commercial use as LG U+ edges closer to launching 5G.

ITEM: Ericsson and KDDI have agreed to test a 5G proof of concept on the 4.5-GHz frequency band – one of the candidate bands for 5G in Japan – in a number of cities across the country.

During the trial, KDDI and Ericsson will carry out a large number of tests across a wide range of 5G use cases on the 4.5-GHz and 28-GHz frequency bands, including interworking between 5G and LTE.

The agreement is an extension of a previously announced 5G research and development collaboration deal between the two companies, which involves the development of a common understanding of 5G use cases, requirements and deployment scenarios, as well as evaluating the performance of potential key 5G components and examining how they can be applied.

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