5G action this day: faster packet switching, 8K video, 26-GHz voice calls

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ITEM: SK Telecom announced that it has successfully pioneered a new technology that will enable packet switching equipment to process high-volume data traffic generated by 5G networks ten times faster than LTE.

In the existing LTE networks, the maximum speed for packet switching per server stands at 20 Gbps. SK Telecom says its new technology can enable speeds up to 200 Gbps on the same server and can even break the terabit barrier with the addition of virtual servers. SK Telecom says the technology will also enable more compact packet switching gear, which means it can be deployed at base stations to implement ultra-low latency.

SK Telecom will submit its technology to 3GPP and the ETSI NFV Industry Specification Group as a candidate for a global standard.

ITEM: NTT DoCoMo says it succeeded in transmitting 12-channel MMT (MPEG Media Transport) 8K video over a 5G mobile network during a test conducted on November 1 at its Yokosuka R&D center in collaboration with Sharp.

Transmission of compressed 8K video requires a data rate of 80 Mbps on average per channel. 5G communications using MMT technology successfully transmitted stable multi-channel 8K video with a high bit rate to multiple devices, DoCoMo says.

The test also demonstrated that an 8K video receiver with error detection/correction functionality was able to compensate for radio propagation issues involving buildings, trees, terrain and reflective objects.

ITEM: Ericsson and Telstra say they have completed the world’s first 5G data call using 26-GHz millimeter-wave spectrum.

This 5G data call demonstration was the first in what will be a series of trials at a new 5G testing center Telstra has established on the Gold Coast. Other trials will focus on technologies like massive MIMOs antenna with adaptive beamforming and beam tracking techniques and OFDM-based waveforms.

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