Latest update on 5G user devices – Hadden Telecoms

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Latest research by consultancy firm Hadden Telecoms confirms the current status of the 5G user devices ecosystem.  

A total of 36 5G devices have now been announced by 20 manufacturers, comprising:

  • 14 smartphones (including 2 foldables)*
  • 9  modules
  • 7  CPEs
  • 5  MiFi (mobile hotspots / pucks)
  • 1  snap-on accessory

Alan Hadden, Director, Hadden Telecoms said: “5G product announcements are emerging every week, with many more in the pipeline. Currently the majority of user devices operate in the sub-6GHz bands.” 

Visit to download the full list of devices (manufacturers, model names, form factors), summary table and graphic. No sign-in is required.

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