5G WIRE: M1 small cells, TechnoLab trials and 3 HK gets cloudified

Somewhere in the PLDT/Smart 5G TechnoLab, this happened recently. Image credit: Smart Communications

5G action this day: M1 and Nokia trial 5G small cell and IoT use cases; Smart and Huawei beat 14 Gbps in the TechnoLab; Huawei is cloudifying 3 HK’s network for 5G readiness

M1 and Nokia trial 5G small cell and IoT use cases

M1 and Nokia have announced plans to conduct Nokia’s first 5G small cell trial in Southeast Asia. The two companies will also showcase demand-driven 5G use cases in selected vertical industries which require dedicated small cell capacity and very low latency IoT connectivity.

The companies said that the findings from this live trial will provide valuable practical learnings for the commercial deployment of 5G small cells in a dense cell grid architecture and operating at very high 5G frequency bands.

M1 and Nokia also plan to evaluate and showcase new IoT use cases that require a highly responsive 5G small cell network as soon as the latest 3GPP standards are finalized over the next two years. Read more …

Smart and Huawei fool around in the 5G TechnoLab

PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications and Huawei say they have achieved 5G speeds topping 14 Gbps during a test of 5G NR equipment at PLDT-Smart’s recently launched 5G TechnoLab.

Earlier this month, Smart and Huawei said they attained 5G speeds of 6.5Gbps during another test inside the TechnoLab.

“To be able to deliver 5G services to our customers in the future, we have begun upgrading our network’s core and transport elements,” said Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT/Smart senior vice president for network planning and engineering.

These include upgrading the backhaul connecting the network’s cell sites around the country to fiber alongside deploying 5G-ready equipment in the ongoing LTE roll-out, he added. Read more …

Huawei is cloudifying 3 HK for 5G

3 Hong Kong and Huawei announced they are making progress in installing core network infrastructure and RAN technology ready for 5G service.

The collaboration covers deployment of a telco cloud to ‘cloudify’ 3G and 4G core networks, which will lay the foundation for evolving 5G network architecture. Completion of the project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

3 Hong Kong has also announced a plan to conduct in-and-outdoor commercial network trials in the 3.5-GHz, 26-GHz and 28-GHz 5G spectrum bands. The cellco plans to launch 5G as soon as those bands are auctioned by the end of next year. Read more [PDF] …

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