5G WIRE: Users blissfully unaware of 5G; VR penalty kicks; etc

5G customer experience
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5G action this day: US consumer survey says: “5G? What 5G?”; Nokia and du play VR football to demo 5G; SK Telecom makes a 5G NSA call

US consumer survey says: “5G? What 5G?”

US operators are racing to launch 5G in some form or other, but an online survey claims that most consumers either don’t care about 5G or don’t even know it’s in the pipeline.

The survey – conducted by Repeater Store, a firm that sells cellular signal boosters to improve indoor mobile coverage – found that 59% of consumers didn’t know that 5G is around the corner, while 38.1% of respondents said they did know but weren’t excited about it, and just over 21% said they had a good idea of the benefits of 5G.

The survey also found over 30% of respondents think cell phone radiation is a cancer risk – which Repeater Store says may be bad news for 5G as it requires serious cell densification. Read more …

Nokia and du play VR football to demo 5G

UAE telco du and Nokia used a VR football game to demonstrate 5G at GITEX Technology Week 2018 in Dubai.

Nokia VR football
Image credit: Nokia

A user wearing VR goggles gets to take a penalty against a virtual football goalkeeper. In 4G mode – with higher latency – the shot is slower and thus easier for the keeper to catch the ball. When the mode is switched to faster 5G with lower latency, the user can score. Goooooooaaalll …

SK Telecom makes a 5G NSA call

SK Telecom announced that it has successfully completed the first 5G call using the 3GPP 5G Non-standalone (NSA) NR standard and commercial 5G NR equipment from Samsung Electronics at a 5G testbed in its Bundang office building.

The 5G NSA-NR calls were achieved by utilizing end-to-end solutions that SK Telecom and Samsung jointly developed and built for the trial on 3.5-GHz 5G, 4G LTE radio and NSA core. Read more …

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