82 different species of alien are already in contact with us, say experts

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Around 82 different species of alien are in touch with Earth, so you have to wonder why we have not been told and who they have been chatting to.

Like us, different species of aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Some have been described as cat-like, some as rather small, some as really small, some as rather big and some dressed in some space suits.

Like us, they vary in their approach. Some have been described as aggressive, some as friendly, some as bold.

The fact that there are 82 different species (if indeed it is a fact) makes it somehow easier to embrace. Before, we were dealing with a phenomenon which was impersonal. Now, aliens become somehow fascinating.

We can now start wondering about whether they have religions or beliefs, what and how they eat, what they had for breakfast, how they sleep, whether they slept well last night. What their names are.

Different species of alien also makes you wonder about how they view the Earth. Do they view it as interesting, in a kind of laboratory kind of way, or as a source of energy or food? How do they see our petty squabbles and the tensions between the US and Russia or China? Did they really leave images of themselves carved into our landscapes?

Some, doubtless, view us with an aloof and adult patience, others with frustration and possible anger.

It is doubtful, thank goodness, that they would look upon Earth as a source of food or energy. There is a lot more easily mined energy sources out there, from suns to planets to meteorites that contain quadrillions of dollars’ worth of rare metals.

Sightings and contact with different species of aliens are emerging, partly as a result of the ‘great reveal’ by the Pentagon, partly through changing ‘request for information’ laws. It is also possible that the US and other governments are revealing UAP information but not alien information.

While sightings still happen (even if Elon Musk is rude about the quality of the footage that backs them up), the most solid evidence comes from the past. And the 1960s seems a good decade to examine.

Stories are emerging of cars crashing into UFOs, and evidence of strange metal left at the site and on the car. There are stories of nurses on an early shift opening curtains and finding an alien craft hovering outside the window, with humanoids watching them from the cockpit.

More and more, sightings are being re-examined and more and more the sightings seem to have been reported by professional people, not the ‘tin hat’ brigade.

It is not just us that has experience with different species of aliens. All through history, sightings have been reported (sometimes as angels) and some biblical events have been put down as alien encounters.

With 82 different species of alien in touch with us why, we have to ask, aren’t we able to see them and live amongst them?

Maybe we are.

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