ABA Bank enables real-time money transfers with SmartLuy wallet

aba bank smart axiata
Image credit: Smart Axiata

Cambodian commercial bank ABA Bank has expanded its partnership with cellco Smart Axiata to connect ABA accounts with Smart’s SmartLuy wallet for fund transfer services.

Under the expanded partnership deal, customers now can execute money transfers in real time between ABA accounts and SmartLuy wallets (for a fee) using the ABA Mobile app and SmartLuy app, both in US dollars and Cambodian riels.

Also, ABA customers will also be able to deposit money into their loan repayment accounts via SmartLuy agents nationwide, even during public holidays or after hours, which brings maximum convenience to customers,” said Askhat Azhikhanov, CEO of ABA Bank.

In future, ABA customers will also be able to cash out funds from their bank accounts at any SmartLuy agent.

“This new service that SmartLuy offers its customers is in line with our desire to promote the use of digital financial services in Cambodia,” said Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt.

There are currently more than 1,000 SmartLuy across Cambodia. The SmartLuy wallet enables customers to perform bill payments, deposits or withdrawals, mobile top-ups, money transfers and online payments.

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