Disruptive.Asia covers the current state of digital disruption in the Asia-Pacific telecoms, fintech and internet sectors – where it’s coming from, what’s driving it, the impact it’s having on each industry, how the key players are responding and what’s next.

The acceleration of next-generation telecoms/IT technology is turning traditional business paradigms on their heads. But that’s not a bad thing – digital disruption is creating new opportunities for APAC telecoms players savvy (and brave) enough to embrace it and become part of the disruptive vanguard. Our mission at Disruptive.Asia is to question it, make sense of it, and provide a reality check to the breathless hype driving the race to the 5G Digital Economy of Things (whatever that means).

Disruptive.Asia combines news, opinion and in-depth features to keep you informed and, hopefully, get you involved. You are welcome to subscribe to our daily highlights and weekly digests, comment on anything you read, interact with us on social media and even contribute your own articles and blog posts to add to the discussion.

The Team

Tony Poulos about usTony Poulos – Managing Editor

Tony is managing editor of Disruptive.Asia and is a freelance writer, regular speaker, MC and chairman for the telecoms and digital services industries worldwide. He has founded and managed software and services companies, acts a market strategist and is a freelance writer/analyst. In 2011, Tony was recognized as one of the 25 most influential people in telecom software worldwide.

Alex Leslie about usAlex Leslie – Publisher

Alex is publisher of Disruptive.Asia. He was founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association (GBA), a trade body focused on the communications sector. He is a sought after speaker and chairman at leading industry conferences, and is widely published in communications magazines around the world. Until it closed, he was Contributing Editor, OSS/BSS for Connected Planet. He wis publisher of DisruptiveViews and prior to that, BillingViews.

John C. Tanner – Contributing Editor

John is a contributing editor to Disruptive.Asia and has been covering the Asia-Pacific telecoms industry since 1996. He was previously editor-in-chief and global technology editor at Telecom Asia. He has two degrees in telecommunications and worked for six years in the US radio industry in various technical and advisory capacities, covering radio and satellite equipment maintenance, studio networking, news writing and production, the latter of which earned him several regional and national awards.

Zena Coupe about us

Zena Coupe – Business Development

Zena has worked in the telecoms industry, in an advertising sales role, for over 25 years. She has a degree in modern language and speaks fluent French, with some Spanish, Italian and German. She ran an International Sales agency in London for over 15 years and now has teamed up with former colleagues at Disruptive.Asia since its inception.


Suhail Tak – Country Manager, India

Suhail has nearly 20 years of experience in domains ranging from off-shore tech-support, telecom industry events and monetizing publisher platforms through digital outreach campaigns. A seasoned BD professional, he has been at the forefront of identifying revenue generation streams, client-servicing, building new alliances and has led the digital marketing strategies of prominent publishers, establishing regional presence for several brands.

Contributed Articles

We welcome contributed articles from you as long as they comply with our policy below:

  1. Non-commercial articles only – they must be vendor-neutral and not promote a specific company, product or service.
  2. Ideally they should be exclusive to Disruptive.Asia, though this is not a hard requirement.
  3. Editors will review final article before determining if it suits our audience and when it can run.
  4. Articles will be edited for length, grammar and style.
  5. Hyperlinks may be included as long as they are relevant to the story and do not link to commercial products or the vendor’s website. The editors have final say on which links will run in the final version, and reserve the right to add links as appropriate and/or beneficial to the article.
  6. Photos/graphics are also welcome as long as they are public domain or copyrighted by the contributor (or if the contributor has obtained permission to use them).

Please forward them to info@disruptive.asia.

What Can We Do For You?

Between them, John, Alex and Tony have over 70+ years experience of the evolving communications market. They watch for tech news as it breaks and analyse what it means and why it is important to readers of Disruptive.Asia.

You can take advantage of their writing skills by commissioning them to write whitepapers or articles that complement your content, or undertake surveys and competitive analysis. You can also discuss using Disruptive.Asia as a platform to promote your content.

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