Accenture launches new services to accelerate 5G rollouts

accenture 5G services
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Accenture has launched a new set of services it says will help accelerate the deployment of 5G network technology for various ecosystem players.

Accenture says it has worked closely with companies across all areas of the communications industry to define the primary challenges slowing down 5G deployment, including spectrum planning and feasibility, use cases and new business models, device strategy, network deployment management and operational complexity.

The company developed its new 5G Acceleration Services suite – aimed at CSPs, network operators, device manufacturers and non-traditional mobile network operators such as multiple-system operators, internet software and platform players and over-the-top content suppliers –  to the industry address these challenges.

The services will initially focus on:

  • 5G strategy, use cases, and business models
  • Device innovation
  • Network deployment approach
  • Architectural and platform innovation.

As part of the initiative, Accenture has created a set of specific capabilities to help deploy 5G successfully. These include:

  • 5G assessment tool: This tool helps clients score and determine their readiness across all aspects of 5G, including spectrum position in high-, medium- and low-ranges; core business strengths and “DNA”; monetizable use cases and strategy; device partnerships and network deployment capability; and organizational tools and structure.
  • Methodology and business strategy for 5G use cases: Strategic services to help clients create agile business models, form targeted and robust ecosystems, while seeking new capabilities that impact competitive agility.
  • Strategy for device innovation: Helping to create a 5G post-smartphone device strategy, leveraging Accenture’s wireless technology expertise, experience building smartphones and consumer electronics, broad industry partnerships, geographic diversity and experience in embedded software development.
  • Network deployment acceleration: Helping clients accelerate the execution of their 5G network build and deployment activities by providing an analytics-driven intelligent command center approach and capability to support end-to-end coordination, process and data optimization, partner management, and workforce management.
  • Network operation and maintenance: Helping to create a new operating model to enable the next generation of network architecture evolution while leveraging network vitalization, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline operations and activities across the day-to-day management of the network.

Tejas Rao, managing director and global 5G offering lead for Accenture’s network practice, said that because 5G is so more than just an incremental step in network evolution, transforming the network so that the whole ecosystem can realize the full potential of 5G is a much more monumental task than mobile players may realize.

“While 4G required tens of thousands of macro towers, rolling out 5G will require the deployment of millions of small cells – and therefore a different type of capital outlay for the network providers,” Rao said.

“Accenture 5G Acceleration Services provides our clients with a framework and a set of analytics powered tools to help ensure they’re making the right investments in the right areas,” said Jefferson Wang, managing director, Accenture Strategy, Communications, Media & Technology. “The new services will help clients create their 5G vision and start their journey to make it a reality.”

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