Accenture opens Liquid Studio in Manila to spur tech innovation

Accenture Liquid Studio, Manila

Accenture has launched a new Liquid Studio in Manila to help clients take advantage of new technology innovations and accelerate software application development cycles.

The Liquid Studio features an open environment where clients co-innovate with Accenture engineers to turn concepts into applications and solutions with speed and agility.

At the Liquid Studio, Accenture says it helps clients reduce development time from months to days by applying rapid development approaches including agile methodologies and DevOps, and experimenting with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, augmented and virtual reality, cloud, Internet of Things, and blockchain.

“The Philippines is a significant and strategic part of Accenture’s global operations and the new Liquid Studio in Manila will help our clients navigate the digital revolution and stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace,” said Ambe Tierro, Accenture’s Technology Lead in the Philippines. “The Liquid Studio, which is the first to be co-located in an Accenture Delivery Center, helps clients create real-world solutions at speed and at scale through rapid prototyping, testing their viability in real time.”

In addition to serving clients, the Liquid Studio will be used to train and rotate Accenture professionals to “New IT”, providing them with experience in emerging technologies and ways of working, Tierro added.

The Accenture Liquid Studio in Manila will collaborate with promising start-ups and students, fueling their potential to develop innovative solutions that will help solve real-world problems and improve how the world works and lives.

The Liquid Studio in Manila will collaborate with other Liquid Studios around the globe, including those in Silicon Valley, London, Milan, Paris, Kronberg, Singapore and Sydney, among others.

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