Ad tech firm Admix expands to APAC as the metaverse unfolds

Admix APAC

Admix, a London-based gaming monetization and ad tech firm, secured $25 million in a recent funding round led by DIP Capital and Elefund, as it aims for an APAC expansion.

The firm is looking at Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam as starting points in preparation for metaverse gaming.

According to Statista, the number of mobile gamers in Southeast Asia is expected to grow to 250.6 million by the end of 2021. In addition, the increasing number of PC gamers makes the region extremely attractive to gaming companies.

Gaming, NFTs, and the so-called metaverse promise groundbreaking changes, and Admix is one of many companies that are striving to materialize a vision where users can freely create content for self-expression, interaction, or monetization.

Admix utilizes non-intrusive in-play ads that prioritize gaming experience over pop-ups and traditional monetization approaches.

“This is about Web 3 and the future of the internet. They know the new creator economy is going to be about content creation tools, distribution, and monetization tools. This helps redefine the creator economy. That’s the big pitch,” said by Samuel Huber chief operating officer in a GamesBeat interview.

Web 3 is the next frontier of the internet, promoting open, trustless, and permissionless networks. Admix announced that it is building a digital infrastructure beneficial for content creators and players interested in participating.

Taking a step towards changing the creator scene aids creators to monetize their creations and data instead of tech giants generating more revenue from original content. This also allows creators and players to have complete control of their digital properties, giving them the freedom to trade anytime, anywhere.

“Brands should take a holistic approach when marketing to gamers by activating across multiple channels, experiences and content. This creates an opportunity for the brand to reach and engage with the community across the entire fan experience. When fans engage with a brand consistently across multiple activations and platforms, it becomes a long-term opportunity to create awareness and genuine relationships,” said Carlos Alimurung, CEO, ONE Esports in a WARC report.

Admix aims to seamlessly integrate ads without compromising on business strategy, player retention, and player experience. While other companies focus on intrusive and revenue-maximizing ads, Admix practices a players-first policy that seeks to maintain high player retention while sustaining revenue for its partners. The ad tech company has over 350+ apps live on their platform and hundreds of advertiser clients, including large brands like Calvin Klein, Uber, and Sky.

Admix’s recent funding round participants included Colopl Next, Force Over Mass, Kuvi Capital, Notion Capital, Rocket Capital, Sidedoor Ventures, Speedinvest and Sure Valley Ventures.

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