ADVA Optical announces 600G terminal for hyper-scale DCI apps

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ADVA Optical Networking has unveiled a new high-speed terminal specifically developed for hyper-scale data center interconnect (DCI) applications that can transport 600 Gbps of data over a single wavelength.

ADVA says the new TeraFlex terminal for its FSP 3000 CloudConnect platform is capable of delivering a total duplex capacity of 3.6 Tbps in a single rack unit – which the company claims adds up to 50% more density than competing technology.

Christoph Glingener, CTO and COO for ADVA Optical said that level of throughput and density is critical for ICPs and CNPs that need to rapidly scale their DCI networks to meet spiraling data demands, but added that the bigger picture isn’t the capability of the terminal itself but its role in the evolution of the FSP 3000 CloudConnect platform for the hyper-scale era.

“Our TeraFlex technology is taking speed and efficiency to the next level,” said Glingener. Our FSP 3000 CloudConnect is the crystallization of our team’s belief in open and disaggregated technology that puts the power back in the customers’ hands; puts them back in control. There’s no vendor lock-in here, no proprietary technology. It’s open. It’s transparent.”

The CloudConnect platform is available as a complete solution or as a disaggregated Open Line System (OLS). By decoupling the terminal functions from the line system, customers are able to evolve and optimize each network layer separately and to specific innovation cycles. With fully open APIs and management interfaces, CloudConnect supports all known DCI architectures.

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