AI for Good Global Summit 2023 – what’s in store?

AI for Good
AI for Good

We are looking forward to the International Telecommunication Union AI for Good Global Summit on 6-7 July 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, where the brightest minds and latest breakthroughs in AI converge to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. 

This groundbreaking two-day conference will bring together the brightest minds and most innovative technology in the fields of AI and Robotics.

AI experts featured

Featuring a lineup of over 70+ AI experts, collaborations with 40 UN partners, and interactive displays featuring AI demos, 50+ robotics and AI artists. It will also include the world’s first press conference featuring nine humanoid social robots! The robots will also be on show, demonstrating capabilities ranging from fighting fires and building houses to providing healthcare and farming sustainably.  

GenerativeAI and human-machine collaboration will be key themes of discussion in view of the recent surge in public interest in AI in response to the release of large language models such as ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. That’s why we’re bringing together some of the brightest minds in AI to share their insights and explore solutions to these challenges.

AI for Good

Unlike any other AI event, the Summit will showcase never-before-presented, state-of-the-art AI solutions and cutting-edge knowledge, all aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Summit is preceded by technical Machine Learning workshops on 4-5 July 2023.

This is your chance to network with the best and brightest in AI: connect with top AI experts, renowned speakers, influential UN representatives, and industry CxOs in our exclusive Leaders Lounge, receptions, and dinners. Elevate your experience with VIP treatment, including all-day refreshments, fast-track registration, and reserved seating.


  • Engage with world-renowned experts in the AI and sustainability fields.
  • Witness firsthand the unveiling of groundbreaking AI technologies.
  • Network with fellow innovators and thought leaders from around the globe.
  • A dynamic exhibition with networking zones featuring the latest AI innovations, AI academic research, and AI activities from our 40 UN sister agencies.
  • Meet 40+ robots, including nine humanoid ones showcasing their capabilities to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.
  • AI-inspired performances and art from world-renowned artists using AI to push the limits of human creativity.

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