AirSelfie kickstarts a tiny camera drone for smartphones


AirSelfie has announced the launch of what it says is the first pocket-sized flying camera, and the only one that integrates with smartphones. And you’ll be able to buy one as soon as its Kickstarter campaign reaches $50,000 (see video, below).

Comprised of four powerful propellers and a 5-megapixel video camera, AirSelfie is smaller than a smartphone and can fly vertically up to 66 feet, allowing users to take aerial selfies of themselves and their friends.

The device connects to popular smartphones such as the iPhone (6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus), Huawei P9, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The device includes self-generated Wi-Fi and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery through a cell phone case, as well as the option of an external power bank. Additionally, a vibration-absorber system and in-flight stability systems guarantee stable, clear, flowing images.

“We saw an increasing need for a device that goes beyond a selfie stick, allowing users to take pictures from all angles, and we’re excited to introduce AirSelfie to Millennials and consumers around the world,” said Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie. “It sets a completely new bar for the market.”

With AirSelfie, users can:

  • Take group selfies and family photos from up to 66 feet away, capturing both people and panoramas
  • Take indoor and outdoor aerial photos of subjects and locations that would otherwise be unreachable (e.g. monuments and stadiums during sporting events)
  • Take videos from perspectives that were formerly impossible
  • Use the device as a monitoring camera (when the device is not flying and is connected to a power source)
  • Use the video as a work tool (for example, time-lapse shots of company event setups)

The device attaches to users’ smartphones using a special cover available for iPhone and Samsung which contains a battery that can recharge AirSelfie in just 30 minutes. Backers can also purchase an external power bank which guarantees up to 20 full charges and allows those without a compatible phone to use and charge AirSelfie.

To activate AirSelfie, the user removes it from its case and turns it on. The device connects automatically to smartphones via Wi-Fi – the camera creates the Wi-Fi network itself.

AirSelfie users can download the free iOS and Android app to control the device’s movements through three different flight modes. AirSelfie can be returned to its departure point either manually or automatically. When users are finished using the device, they can press the button labelled “slide to land” and AirSelfie descends and turns off. Users can also directly reposition the device by hand with no risk whatsoever of damaging it or themselves.

Using the “selfie delay timer” function, users can take timed photos, giving them up to 10 seconds to get into position and hide their smartphone so that it doesn’t appear in photos. Users can take up to eight consecutive shots. AirSelfie’s technology also integrates directly with social media, so users can photos and videos directly to their accounts.

Video is available.

Kickstarter campaign

AirSelfie is available for pre-order via Kickstarter now, for delivery in March 2017, Consumers can purchase AirSelfie via the Kickstarter website or Kickstarter app. As an added incentive, the first 1,000 supporters have the option of becoming AirSelfie Ambassadors by pre-ordering the first version of the flying camera at the discounted price of $199; the regular retail price will be $300. Additionally, the power bank will be available as a standalone product for $69 or as part of the AirSelfie package for $246. The power bank will be delivered in April.

Production of the gadget will begin once the threshold of $50,000 is reached. After the first 1,000 AirSelfies have sold, the company will produce another 2,000 models, which will be available for the reduced price of $249. Consumers will also be able to purchase two AirSelfies for the price of $478. The first 3,000 pre-orders will be delivered in March of 2017, with the rest, including the power bank packages, being delivered in April of 2017.

“People have the impression that camera drones are costly, difficult to operate and unwieldy,” added Stroppiana. “AirSelfie redefines the space with a device that’s small, light and easy to use. This Kickstarter campaign will enable the launch of a large-scale AirSelfie production in a matter of months. We have succeeded in developing a great product, and we can’t wait to share it with our growing base of AirSelfie enthusiasts.”

In 2017, AirSelfie will hit the market for $300. It will be available in many colors and will be compatible with additional smartphone models.

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