Bharti Airtel launches global bandwidth-on-demand platform

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Bharti Airtel has announced the global launch of its bandwidth-on-demand platform, enabling customers to efficiently manage bandwidth requirements real-time.

The platform promises quick activation to access, configure and monitor bandwidth requirements and gives full control to the users to provision bandwidth whenever and wherever they need it. With this platform, customers will have the flexibility to opt for bandwidth on an hourly, daily or monthly basis their unique business needs providing greater operational efficiency and tighter control network costs, Airtel says.

The digital platform will be available at 19 locations globally including Los Angeles, New York, London, Marseilles, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Airtel’s domestic data centers and landing stations in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It has been built on Airtel’s global network spanning 250,000 route kilometers across 50 countries and 5 continents, carrying 10 Tbps of international bandwidth lit capacity.

Airtel has further strengthened its position in emerging markets with recent acquisition of India leg of GBI’s India–Middle East–Europe submarine cable which will complement Airtel’s existing global cable network viz. IMEWE, EIG, SMW4 and MENA and add significant long term bandwidth capacity, enabling it to serve the booming data demand across emerging markets like India, SAARC, Middle East & Africa.

“In today’s fast paced market, agile products and services are imperative to drive greater operational efficiencies,” said Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO of Airtel Business. “With bandwidth-on-demand we want to empower our businesses to be able to seamlessly opt for flexible network solutions that will not only help them manage their unpredictable bandwidth requirements but also accelerate the adoption of newer technologies and help them move faster in their cloud and digital journey.”

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