Airtel buys AI startup AuthMe to boost digital product lab

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Bharti Airtel says it has struck a deal to acquire AuthMe ID Services, a Bengaluru based start-up focused on artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions, which Airtel will add to its digital products development.

As part of the deal, the core team of AuthMe will join Airtel and be a part of Airtel X Labs in Bengaluru. Airtel has set up Airtel X Labs with the aim of driving innovation in the areas of AI, IoT, AR and VR, and aims to build a world-class team for the facility.

As part of the deal, Airtel has acquired the intellectual proprietary rights for two flagship solutions developed by AuthMe:

  • Callup AI: a chat and voice assistant that uses the power of AI to quickly and effectively resolve customer queries over email, chat and phone calls. Callup AI features include voice integration, unsupervised learning and the application is built for vernacular languages with zero integration time. The solution is used by ten companies across three countries in banking, finance, payments and housing domains.
  • Fintech OCR: an end to end optical character recognition (OCR) pipeline built for financial documents. The application is designed for processing KYC docs, bank/credit card/loan statements, mark sheets, and can be customized to process known formats of other documents. It can pick up any language with standard fonts.

Airtel’s global CIO Harmeen Mehta said that adding AuthMe to X Labs will accelerate the operator’s plans towards rolling out intuitive digital products, particularly in vernacular languages, for its customers.

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