Alibaba beefs up intellectual property protection against fake listings

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Alibaba has unveiled enhancements to its intellectual property protection (IPP) platform that it says eliminates fake listings in less than 24 hours.

The IP protection platform is used by brands and IP owners to flag and request the takedown of counterfeit or IP-infringing product listings. Alibaba says in the first month since the express technology enhancements were made, 96% of cases submitted by rights holders were handled and closed within 24 hours. In those cases, 83% of the listings were also taken down.

The remaining 17% were declined mainly for reasons such as insufficient evidence to prove infringement or a mismatch between the complained listing and IP documents filed.

Platform technology upgrades include a single entry point across all Alibaba e-commerce platforms and streamlined process to assess the validity of complaints; a more-automated complaints-processing, analysis, and product-authentication system powered by new algorithms and data models; a dedicated team of IPR professionals to reduce response time for inbound inquiries, as well as proactive outreach to new IPP users and those with more complicated IPR cases; broader brand-protection technological capabilities such as multi-lingual trademark-recognition; and improved search engine optimization (SEO) for easier discovery of and access to the IPP platform.

The enhancements were revealed at Alibaba’s Brand Rights Holders Day in Beijing, at which Alibaba says it engaged with 180 brand representatives to discuss ways to further improve online and offline IP protection and build up mutual trust.

Alibaba said it will conduct regular satisfaction surveys and invite rights holders to provide feedback about their user experience that will feed back into continuous efforts to improve to the IPP platform.

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