All good things must end – including Disruptive.Asia

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After 7+ years of publishing news of disruption in Asia’s telecoms, internet, technology and fintech sectors, it’s time to call it a day. Disruptive.Asia was launched by a team of people previously involved with DisruptiveViews and Telecom Asia. Along the way, content was supplemented by numerous industry-leading figures and Reuters news feeds.

Online publishing has changed dramatically over time. We have dabbled in video production, podcasts, interviews, roundtables and webinars that all flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, audiences seem to prefer easily digested, bite-size news chunks delivered quickly and seamlessly.

It’s getting harder to get the real facts

It’s getting harder to get the real facts behind any story because companies seem to fear retribution from regulators and stakeholders and stifle comments by executive staff. We are inundated with hundreds of press releases daily that use the same boring templates and deliver little more than a marketing blurb.

Advertisers and sponsors that kept us alive now demand reader numbers, page hits, direct responses and no longer reachable reader statistics. Influencers are hot; publications like ours are not.

Fake news and AI

It’s also getting harder to determine what is fake news and what is not. Articles can be produced with a one-line command to any number of online AI platforms, and it is very difficult to tell the difference from one written by a human.

This probably sounds like we are throwing in the towel, having been defeated by the technology we have been reporting on for so long. That’s partly true, but it’s time to say goodbye if your heart is no longer in it and it can’t provide a substantial living.

Thank you from all at Disruptive.Asia

From all the team here at Disruptive.Asia, thank you, our readers and sponsors, for all your support over the years. We will still be around and available via LinkedIn if you ever need us!”


  1. All the best in your future endeavors. I’ve enjoyed DA for years from here in Greece and will truly missed your articles tech, and the occasional article on UAPs and it’s related phenomenon….

  2. Thanks for providing entertaining, insightful, relevant news and updates for the past years. Best wishes in whatever new ventures you find yourselves involved with.

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