Amdocs unveils ONAP-powered open-source NFV portfolio

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Amdocs has announced a new open-source NFV software and services portfolio that it says will enable carriers and media companies to deploy cloud-based, agile, on-demand services. 

The portfolio, “Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP” (Open Network Automation Platform), features modular capabilities that accelerate service design, virtualization and operating capabilities on demand.

As the communications and media industry moves from static appliance-based networks to software based, elastic networks, carriers will be increasingly capable of providing services and capacity on demand or based on predictive traffic patterns. Instead of building networks for high peak periods, carriers want to spin them up dynamically to provide better network services in the right locations at lower price points. Service providers using technologies developed in ONAP and its ecosystem of capabilities can provide enterprises the ability to design their own networks as part of a richer set of service features.

As such, says Amdocs, carriers demand network virtualization software that is capacity-aware, created using open source technology from ONAP. Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP is touted as the first and most comprehensive software and services offering that leverages open source networking technology, and can be deployed either locally or in the public cloud using modern DevOps adoption techniques.

For testing and verifying virtual services on ONAP’s open source platform, Amdocs offers deployment of ONAP and a cloud-based hosting environment complemented with pre-defined SD-WAN acceleration kit and administration tools to fast track proof of concepts and use case validation.

“Open source brings unparalleled agility and innovation to the market. In such a dynamic environment, it is important that the industry is able to package open source contributions into a mature capability set for live network operations,” said Gary Miles, general manager at Amdocs.

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