Arris intros home Wi-Fi optimization solution for service providers

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Arris has introduced a comprehensive solution for service providers to deliver optimum home Wi-Fi experiences.

Available now, the Arris HomeAssure solution addresses growing expectations for reliable and ubiquitous Wi-Fi to minimize the challenges that consumers currently face when setting up and managing the ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi devices and Wi-Fi-enabled applications in their homes.

Arris says the HomeAssure solution enables consistent, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage in and around the home with Wi-Fi extenders and intelligent gateways that are simple to install, configure and manage. The solution proactively optimizes Wi-Fi, intelligently steering devices across access points on the home network for the best connection, making it easier to receive great Wi-Fi performance on every device. It also sustains voice over Wi-Fi calling. Subscribers can take control of their own home network to manage set-up and fix problems via a web portal or mobile app.

For service providers, the HomeAssure solution offers one of the most comprehensive sets of tools for delivering a first-class Wi-Fi experience, Arris says. Operators report that more than one in three calls to customer support are related to Wi-Fi issues – and many of these can be as simple as “what is my Wi-Fi password?”. HomeAssure addresses these and all other major Wi-Fi help desk call drivers by providing customer support personnel with much needed visibility, as well as the tools to remotely manage and optimize Wi-Fi for the customer to maintain the best service levels for all devices on the home network.

“Consumers expect consistent, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage throughout their home, even outside to their patios,” said Larry Robinson, president of CPE at Arris. “HomeAssure allows service providers to couple the next era of gigabit services with a great Wi-Fi experience. It’s simple to use, self-optimizing, and it offers a valuable tool for reducing calls to the call center while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

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