Asia’s CSPs ahead of ROW seeing automation as key to profits

Image credit | Elnur Amikishiyev

CSPs worldwide are leaving money on the table as a result of missed automation opportunities in sales and service fulfillment, according to a new study from Sigma Systems.

Conducted in partnership with research consultancy Coleman Parkes Research, the second edition of the Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook surveyed operators worldwide to gauge their perception of product innovation and create-sell-deliver capabilities.

Highlights of the Coleman Parkes study:

  • 78% of communications service providers (CSPs) tie automation in service fulfilment to improved profitability – this increases to 83% among Asia Pacific CSPs.
  • CSPs missing USD 30 billion revenue opportunity in 2019 due to inadequate automation in fulfilment and sales, according to the second edition of the Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook.
  • Only 25% of delivery tasks that could be automated actually are today, with the bulk still being fulfilled manually, study shows.
  • 150 respondents from CSPs worldwide surveyed for the study

Although 78% of respondents recognized that automation in service fulfilment led to more profitable businesses, two-thirds said that the level of manual intervention had increased either slightly or significantly over the last two years. This was 43% for Asia Pac.

While the survey found a belief that 14% of fulfilment tasks would always be manual, it also revealed that of the remaining tasks which could be automated, just 25% actually are today.

When asked to what extent a one per cent reduction in manual intervention would have on revenues, respondents said there would be a 2% gain – one per cent higher than last year’s result. This equates to USD 12 billion in additional revenues across tier-one and tier-two CSPs worldwide. 

CSPs also see the value of automation beyond service fulfillment. Respondents said increasing automation of the configuration and quoting process could increase annual revenues by an average of 3% – equating to USD 18 billion globally.

For further information on the second edition of the Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook, click here

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