Astro extends ThinkAnalytics recommendation engine to Njoi Now

Njoi Now
Image credit: Astro

ThinkAnalytics announced that Malaysian pay-TV operator Astro has gone live with the ThinkAnalytics recommendations engine on its Njoi Now free video streaming service.

Njoi Now – which was launched in May – enables customers to view content for free on mobile devices and online – including live sports, breaking news and a choice of more than 2,200 movies and drama box sets.

The ThinkAnalytics launch for Njoi Now follows deployments on Astro’s pay-TV DTH platform in June 2016, and the Astro Go app (formerly known as Astro on the Go) in January 2017. All three ThinkAnalytics deployments run in the cloud.

Initial data shows that, on average, over 70% of viewing on both the pay-TV DTH and Astro Go platforms is driven by ThinkAnalytics’ content recommendations. Astro has also seen VOD consumption triple since the introduction of the recommendations engine and the new VOD UI in June 2016.

“Since we went live with ThinkAnalytics on our DTH platform and Astro Go app we have seen a huge uptick in viewing,” said Liew Swee Lin, chief commercial officer of Astro. “We expect the ThinkAnalytics platform to have the same positive impact on Njoi that it’s had on DTH and Astro Go.”

ThinkAnalytics says Astro selected its engine to help attract, engage and retain more consumers by using machine learning and predictive analytics across four languages to suggest relevant, personalized content.

Deep viewing insights are gained by tracking real-time viewing behavior, individual preferences, topical trends, social channels and more. For example, the platform learns consumers’ likes/dislikes by tracking what content has been viewed in its entirety, and what has been abandoned before the end.

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