ASX signs exclusive connectivity agreement with Telstra

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Telstra has entered into an agreement with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to become the exclusive connectivity partner for the ASX’s international trading services.

The three-year deal will provide ASX 24 Trading Platform customers access to Telstra’s EPLX (Ethernet Private Line Express) solution. EPLX provides financial trading companies with a dedicated point-to-point service, which uses the shortest routes available to connect key financial centers to PoPs located in those centers, minimizing transmission delays.

Brendon Riley, group executive of Telstra Enterprise, said the agreement extends the connectivity Telstra currently provides the ASX. “We currently connect the ASX to our PoPs in the Chicago and Hong Kong financial exchanges. We will now connect to additional points in these cities, as well as to London and Singapore.”

Riley said financial services is an important industry for Telstra Enterprise. “In a world where a fraction of a millisecond matters, our EPLX service provides fast, point-to-point network connectivity between key data centers and trading hubs that will provide an edge in a competitive market.”

The service is backed by Telstra’s subsea cable network and comprehensive low latency service level agreements.

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