AT&T and China Telecom renew vows in SST joint venture

From left: Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and International segment, and Gao Tongqing, executive director and EVP of China Telecom

AT&T and China Telecom have signed a framework agreement to renew the 20-year authorization for Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications (SST) and focus on developing advanced solutions for multinational companies.

SST is the joint venture formed by AT&T, China Telecom and Shanghai Information Investments in 2000. Under the new agreement, AT&T and China Telecom intend to strengthen their cooperation and expand the scope of SST and the locations it serves to bring new business services and technologies to customers, and to develop more advanced network services for MNCs doing business in China.

The companies are looking to help MNCs use highly secure global communications to fuel business growth in China and around the world. AT&T and China Telecom will jointly explore ways to create new services in IoT, cloud-based big data, VoLTE roaming, and SDN.

Specifically, both companies will help establish industry standards for SDN and accelerate their adoption; explore ways to collaborate on IoT platforms and solutions, including support for global IoT 
solutions to better serve multinational customers; begin bilateral roaming tests contemplated in a previously executed roaming agreement 
for business customers; and explore the potential of VoLTE roaming.

“Global businesses have to be innovative and agile to succeed today. Growing our relationship with China Telecom, AT&T is helping multinational customers have consistent access to the advanced solutions they need in China,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and International segment.

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