AT&T is now in the enterprise blockchain services business

AT&T blockchain
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AT&T announced it has created a suite of blockchain solutions for its enterprise customers designed to work with technology from IBM and Microsoft.

The telco says enterprises can use the solutions as they automate and digitalize their business processes using blockchain technologies, giving them better resources to track and manage information across multiple parties.

Andy Daudelin, vice president of alliances business development at AT&T Business, said the blockchain solutions leverage the operator’s edge-to-edge capabilities and IoT solutions to add automation and critical monitoring capabilities.

“Utilizing our global network and IoT capabilities, AT&T enhances blockchain by providing edge-to-edge solutions that automate the tracking and that can even monitor the environmental conditions throughout the process,” he said.”

The solution suite includes:

  • IBM Blockchain – AT&T Solutions can record data on the IBM Blockchain Platform. Currently operating live blockchain networks at scale, IBM Blockchain supports a broad range of industry use cases including supply chain, provenance and logistics. AT&T says it’s also integrating its asset management operations center with IBM Maximo Network on Blockchain and Maximo Asset Health Insights to create secure and accountable service provider networks for infrastructure asset management.
  • Microsoft Azure blockchain technology – Microsoft Azure blockchain technology is built on their open cloud platform. Azure supports a broad set of enterprise ledger protocols including Ethereum, HyperLedger Fabric, Corda, Quorum, and Chain, and offers diverse topologies for dev/test, single member, and multi-member consortiums. Integrations with AT&T’s IoT platforms aim to bring additional transparency and accountability to even the most complex supply chains, the operator said.

AT&T says the blockchain solutions can be used across vertical industries such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

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