Augmented Reality (AR) will find serious success via cool content

AR augmented reality
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Augmented reality (AR) is one of several new technologies that is struggling to find its real niche. We can all see the potential – sort of – and all think AR (and VR) are pretty cool, compelling advances.

One problem is that people do what they want to do, not what they need to do. People go (or used to go) to conferences not because the content and speaker line up was going to take their company to new levels of competitive readiness but because (if we are honest) it might boost their career and look quite entertaining.

AR is such a thing. There are, of course, very serious applications for AR and VR in training, design and manufacturing environments. Some, such as the airline industry, have been using VR for many years.

There is, however, that middle ground, that application or piece of content that makes you smile and think ‘Ah ha, now I see how it could work for me’.

Such an application is this one. A restaurant has created an experience that is engaging and compelling – and just downright great.

It is just the kind of concept that reverses the normal process of considering the possibilities of AR in a business environment from a structured study and business case exercise to one where the creative part of your brain takes over. You watch this and look for ways to reproduce the engagement and general coolness of the thing in ways that will enhance your standing and career – sorry, your company’s general competitive readiness.

If you cannot find an application or niche for a new technology, such as AR, then you must think of ways to stir the creative not the business part of the brain.

The same is happening with 5G (and other technologies). Now that the technology is here, telcos are struggling to find applications. Some are giving out grants and prizes to start ups who come up with compelling solutions, others are experimenting in other ways.

AR has enormous potential in many situations. And now is the moment to be inspired by French restaurants.

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