AVIA Asia Video Summit 2022, 1-2 November

Asia Video Summit 2022

The annual marquee event of the Asian video industry, the Asia Video Summit, will be held from 31 October – 3 November.

This year’s Summit kicks off with the Policy Roundtable on Monday 31 October. The Main Event will take place from 1 – 2 November and closing off will be the State of Piracy Summit on Thursday 3 November.

The aim of the summit is to tell a holistic story of the state of the video industry, looking at all aspects of it and articulated by its decision-makers, to provide you with a comprehensive view of what you need to survive and thrive in the industry today.

For most of the COVID era, media and entertainment companies have been the darlings of Wall Street.  This narrative has recently changed, however, and arguably irrational exuberance has given way to irrational pessimism.  But is the streaming business model really fundamentally flawed, or is this just a recalibration in an era of inflation and post-pandemic trauma?  How do the trajectories of investment vs monetization balance each other?  And where does Asia sit compared to other parts of the world?  Do subscriber numbers foretell a golden period of growth in Asia that can counter negative narratives from the West?

Join us in person at the Main Event where we will discuss these burning questions and more with those who are making the decisions and deciding the destiny of the Asian video industry.

We have identified five key themes across which we will curate the conversations:

  • The State of Video
  • News & Sports
  • The Future of Video
  • The Advance of Advertising
  • Behind the Customer Experience.

Visit https://asiavideosummit.com/ for more details about the event.

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