Awnix deploys Dell OPX switches running Apstra AOS in Tier-1 network

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Intent-based networking start-up Apstra announced that cloud services and products provider Awnix has deployed the first AOS supported deployment of OpenSwitch (OPX) on Dell Z9100-ON switches in a Tier 1 service provider production network.

AOS is Apstra’s turnkey intent-based distributed operating system and data center application suite that promises network service agility, increased uptime and improved infrastructure TCO.

The Tier-1 service provider deployment, announced Tuesday, includes a combined solution as part of a hybrid cloud for OpenStack deployments and is part of an open IaaS network infrastructure offering.

The Awnix/Dell EMC/Apstra solution provides a cloud platform that meets the needs of both internal and external users at the telecom provider. The solution includes the features and ease of use desired by the service provider, while increasing control, auditability, security, and ease of management. The outcome is lower cost – beyond what is available from public cloud service providers or proprietary on-premise alternatives.

“This is big news in terms of game-changing economics,” said Apstra’s head of marketing Mari Mineta Clapp. “It’s not just that you’re using a cheaper switch, but that you’re able to use an open-source operating system. You’ll see a lot more of this.”

Apstra’s AOS promises opex savings of anywhere from 50% to 90%, as well as fewer outages (between 50% and 80% less).

Clapp declined to name which Tier-1 operator is deploying the Dell switches, but added that “really there are only two Tier-1s in the US: AT&T or Verizon.”

“100G is the new 10G; big brands are the past; cost effective devices and tools, security, and reduced lock-in are in now,” said Awnix CEO Rick Kundiger. “In today’s highly competitive cloud and IoT space, companies that can iterate faster for less will win. By combining our cloud with Dell EMC’s switches and Apstra AOS for management, we can help customers achieve that desired win.”

“With OpenSwitch, Dell EMC Networking expands its open networking strategy to open source networking enabling Awnix to combine OPX with Apstra’s AOS to give unparalleled value and flexibility to the customer,” said Drew Schulke, VP of Dell EMC Networking.

“Apstra’s AOS provides scalable vendor-independent intent-based automation of the entire life cycle of network services – from day zero, to day one, to day two and beyond – including change operations, as well as advanced intent-based analytics for unmatched reliability, visibility, and troubleshooting ability,” said Apstra CEO and founder Mansour Karam. “As new products become available, they can be incorporated seamlessly without having to change operating procedures.

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