AWS adds Local Zones in Southeast Asia and elsewhere

aws local zones
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it is adding 32 new AWS Local Zones outside of the US, three of which will be the first AWS Local Zones for Southeast Asia: Manila, Hanoi and Bangkok.

These new AWS Local Zones will work in tandem with Amazon CloudFront and AWS Outposts, wherever available, to expand on existing infrastructure.

In Southeast Asia, Manila, Hanoi, and Bangkok are three of the fastest-growing urban cities next to Jakarta, where an AWS cloud region worth $5 billion was announced in mid-2021.

Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific, India, Australia and New Zealand will also be having Local Zones installed in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

First launched in 2019, Local Zones are “mini data centers” designed to bring AWS’ compute power and connectivity closer to customers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in key technology areas in that region.

Local Zones are similar to cloud regions and availability zones, but do not include the full range of AWS services. Instead, they provide “core” services so customers can deploy applications requiring single-digit millisecond latency closer to end-users and on-premises data centers. This also allows them to improve collaboration between internal teams.

“Thousands of AWS customers using US-based AWS Local Zones are able to optimize low-latency applications designed specifically for their industries and the use cases of their customers,” said Prasad Kalyanaraman, vice president of Infrastructure Services at AWS, in a statement.

In the US, Local Zones have become popular for applications such as gaming, video streaming, and machine learning inference, and have been dubbed a game-changer for many companies, like third-party video streaming services.

For example, said Stephen Kowalski, Director of Digital Production Infrastructure Engineering at Netflix, AWS Local Zones has brought cloud resources closer to its artists and has improved their working experiences.

“We are excited about the expansion of AWS Local Zones globally, which brings cloud resources closer to creators, allowing artists to get to work anywhere in the world and create without boundaries,” said Kowalski.

Other cities where Local Zones will be deployed outside the US include Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Bogotá, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Lima, Lisbon, Munich, Nairobi, Oslo, Prague, Querétaro, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna and Warsaw.

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