Cellular backhaul via satellite and other amazing feats

Newtec satellite

We all know what a crucial role satellites play in providing communications services to almost every corner of the globe but we may not be so familiar with how service providers and customers communicate with them here from earth. It’s the magic of satellite communications that allows information to be transmitted anywhere, helping to build a safer, better informed and more connected world for everyone.

The requirements of different customers vary dramatically and companies like Newtec have had to develop technology that can be applied in a wide range of markets such as broadcast, IP trunking & backhauling, consumer & enterprise VSAT, government & defence and their respective applications. These include a wide variety of organisations and companies, like broadcasters (such as CNN, BBC, NBC, VRT), satellite operators (e.g. SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Arabsat), system houses and network operators.

In this interview  Newtec CEO, Thomas Van den Driessche outlines the challenges of providing ground segment equipment for enabling satellite communications in the South East Asian region. Of particular interest is the use of satellites to provide backhaul for remote cellular base stations on islands and rural areas.

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