Five operators submit bids for Thailand’s 5G spectrum

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Telegeography’s CommsUpdate reports that Five Thai companies – Advanced Info Services (AIS), True Corp, Total Access Communication (DTAC), TOT and CAT Telecom – have submitted bidding documents for participation in the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s (NBTC’s) forthcoming 5G spectrum auction set for 16 February.

The regulator is aiming to tender 2×15MHz in the 700MHz band (three concessions for 2×5MHz each), 2×35MHz in the 1800MHz band (seven, 2×5MHz), 2×190MHz in the 2600MHz band (19, 2×10MHz) and 2700MHz in 26GHz (27, 100MHz).

According to unnamed sources cited by the Bangkok Post, AIS and TUC are both planning to bid for concessions in the 700MHz, 2600MHz and 26GHz bands, DTAC and TOT are said to be vying for the 26GHz range, while CAT Telecom is said to be bidding for the 700MHz and 2600MHz bands.

All the operators reportedly ignored the 1800MHz range, the sources said. Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the NBTC, declined to elaborate on the submissions, though he stated that the commission will announce the qualified bidders and their spectrum bids on 12 February.

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