Philippines video service provider Blink Now taps Ooyala integrated platform

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According to Media Partner Asia’s Online Video Distribution report presented at the APOS event last year, 27% of viewers in the Philippines were likely to cancel premium channel subscriptions. On the other hand, as much as 21% were likely to cancel pay TV subscriptions.

This trend is likely to continue as Filipino viewers get more options consuming video content – either through subscription, on-demand, or even live, and anytime, anywhere. There are already a handful of online video service providers in the Philippines but Blink Now, owned by SM Lifestyle Entertainment (SMLEI), is rather unique in the way that it provides all subscription, on-demand, and live options for customers.

Blink Now recently adopted an integrated video platform to help streamline management of its online video service, with advanced technology that powers ad operations, video delivery, analytics, and live streaming for subscription-based, on-demand, and ad-supported offerings.

Ooyala, the Telstra-owned  global provider of video monetization technology and services, is powering the complete video business of Blink Now by maximizing its business potential across three separate OTT properties with a single provider, powering ad operations, video delivery, data-driven insights and live streaming to more than 180,000 users nationwide.

SMLEI required a sophisticated video technology provider with a powerful analytics solution to help them understand their audience’s habits across its subscription-based (SVOD), transaction-based (TVOD) and ad-supported video services (AVOD).

With Ooyala IQ, Blink Now has access to up-to-the minute analytics to see what content is trending at any given time, allowing them to feature well-performing content to attract even higher viewership. Real-time multi-dimensional reports gives Blink Now granular insights to track engagement over any period of time across all properties or even individual videos. The data helps ensure they are reinvesting in highly-profitable content for the business based on its audience’s’ viewing behaviors.

Using Ooyala Pulse, the customer can see how ad-loads affect drop-off and completion rates against varying content lengths. This allows them to tailor the right amount of ads to every piece of content to maximize monetization without sacrificing user experience.

Ooyala will be highlighting its set Integrated Video Platform (IVP) solutions at NAB 2017 and APOS 2017. With a common data set to drive insights and inform strategies, IVP is the next generation of OVP, evolving well beyond online video platform capabilities to deliver sophisticated solutions to understand the costs and return-on-investment of video content.

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