Blockchain – alive and well and already among us: report

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Digital marketing agency Zage has published a report,“Real World Applications of Blockchain Technology”. The e-book reflects the views of 102 leaders in practical blockchain technology projects that are active today, across the world.

As Matt Harding, Head of Blockchain Marketing for Zage, says, “with so much of the hype going on around blockchain, we wanted to highlight projects that already have customers and are already making a difference. The time of easy ICOs has passed, and now real projects with real use cases that add value to users’ lives can flourish and show the substance beyond the hype.”

Zage solicited responses from 102 blockchain founders, leaders, and investors who are creating real value for the blockchain community and new convenience and value for mainstream consumers all over the world.

Key findings of the report include:

  •  41% of respondents felt that a seamless user experience was key to mass adoption, writing that the Blockchain DApp experience needs to live up to the web and mobile UX.
  •  56% referred to the financial services industry as one of the industries to be the most impact in the next five years, but that Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Gaming were all popularly mentioned
  •  10% of respondents noted that it is developing economies, with weak local fiat currency and unavailable or unreliable banking, that may benefit most from the low-cost, easy-to-use, and secure solutions blockchain can provide. 

Insights best come from conversations and the report presents many of them, including these:

Tim Draper: “People are already using blockchain in everyday life. The blockchain is just a perfect ledger. It keeps perfect information on Bitcoin use, and it keeps perfect information on any other form of data, too. It is being used to secure data for everything from medical records to certification of education.”

Chris Hart, Civic Technologies: “With a history that is tied to Silk Road and countless cryptocurrencies that are struggling with adoption and volatility, blockchain technology faces challenges of interoperability, scaling, perception, and most importantly, a lack of use cases and user interface.”

Hugo Renaudin, LGO: “Regulation is paramount, as it allows companies to make structural decisions without the risk of a regulatory backlash. No regulation is worse than bad regulation, as this stifles innovation and inhibits entrepreneurs and companies.”

The report is available here.

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