TechXLR8 Asia: Bluewireless has a fascinating MVNO model

Ivan Landen, chief wireless officer at Bluewireless

Mobile operators have been eyeing the enterprise sector for some time as a new frontier in terms of new revenues and growth, but it’s not an easy market to chase. Enterprises have exacting requirements for wireless connectivity – not just fast data speeds and reliability, but also consistent performance across multiple offices, even when those offices are in far-flung places or even in other countries. Surprisingly, this is a perfect opportunity for MVNOs to step in and provide enterprise connectivity across multiple networks. And that’s essentially what Bluewireless does.

As Bluewireless chief wireless officer Ivan Landen explained to Disruptive.Asia co-publisher Tony Poulos on the sidelines of TechXLR8 in Singapore, Bluewireless puts together service packages and works with multiple cellcos in multiple markets as a “light” MVNO so that they can provide consistent LTE connectivity to locations where fiber is nonexistent or expensive, or to mobile “things” like trucks or vehicles.

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