BOD Tech injects $200k in Myanmar bus ticketing startup

Credit: Phuong D. Nguyen /

Myanmar start-up Star Ticket – which enables bus tickets to be sold direct online or resold by merchants – has received a $200,000 injection from local Internet company BOD Tech.

Thet Mon Aye founded Star Ticket together with her brother, Zarni Nway Oo, to solve a problem which they faced themselves, they were not able to buy bus tickets online to get around from city to city. Now, travelers can get their bus tickets in a few clicks on, which is linked to bus stations, in real time.

Star Ticket’s agent software is provided to retailers such as convenience stores and even mum and pop shops, so that customers who are not able to make payments online can pay for and collect tickets easily. The agent software empowers low-income individuals to earn extra income by selling bus tickets.

Currently, Star Tickets has more than 500 vendors, including three major convenience chain stores, and processes more than 2,200 tickets monthly.

The investment from BOD Tech would be used to help more bus operators join the system and expand both online channels and offline agent channels.

Currently, Star Ticket is utilized by bus operators in 12 cities and counting. “We are hoping to become the core infrastructure of bus ticketing in Myanmar in the next two years, and to move into to other ticketing verticals in the future,” Thet Mon Aye stated.

Star Ticket is the latest investment by BOD Tech, which has developed and/or invested in various Myanmar-centric tech startups such as Myanmar largest flight ticketing portal, on-demand delivery service Yangon Door 2 Door, and Myanmar’s first on-demand laundry service,

“Star Ticket has so much potential as it has both online and offline sales channel,” said BOD Tech founder Mike Than Tun Win. “This investment will bring synergy between Myanmar’s largest flight portal and fastest growing ticketing portal together.”

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