Bridge Alliance and Ericsson to deploy content delivery network across APAC

Bridge Alliance
Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock, Inc.

Members of the Bridge Alliance and Ericsson are partnering to deploy Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network (UDN) across 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

UDN is a global content delivery network (CDN) which connects content providers all over the world with the last mile reach of network operators.

The new partnership enables collaboration between content providers and Bridge Alliance members, offering them an opportunity to play a significant role in the content delivery value chain. The content distribution platform provides last mile network access, opening the door to deliver high-quality video and premium web content into deeper caches while providing a richer user experience.

“We want to tap into the rising consumption of OTT services and high-quality video content by introducing a win-win business opportunity to our members,” said Bridge Alliance CEO Eileen Tan.

Tan said the UDN would enable Bridge operators to “offer unique content services across APAC and further strengthen their leadership in their respective markets.”

“UDN delivers the combined edge capabilities of leading regional service providers at global scale,” said Diomedes Kastanis, VP and global head of innovation at Ericsson. “It offers content providers optimal reach, flexibility and performance in the delivery of their high-quality content, including virtual reality and augmented reality.”

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