Brunei’s AITI gears up for 5G trial on UNN wholesale network

brunei AITI 5G
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CommsUpdate: Brunei’s Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has announced plans for a 5G mobile network trial with state-owned wholesale operator Unified National Networks (UNN) and retail mobile network operators (MNOs) Datastream Digital, Imagine and Progresif.

In a press release regarding the matter, the regulator said the trial would run for up to eight weeks, ahead of a planned commercial launch of 5G technology.

AITI seeks user feedback on 5G trial

According to the AITI, the objective of the 5G trial is to allow UNN and the MNOs to “receive and evaluate valuable feedback from the trial participants, which will help to facilitate end-to-end network and process optimisation in order to achieve a satisfactory and successful launch in the near future”.

Each service provider will select up to one hundred subscribers who meet a “specific selection criteria” to become trial participants. These users will be required to “actively” provide feedback on experience and network performance.

Those interested in taking part in the trial will reportedly be required to have an existing post-paid plan with their mobile provider and own a 5G-compatible device.

UNN modernisation project almost complete

Meanwhile, the AITI notes that UNN is in the final stages of completing the full modernisation of its entire infrastructure to be 5G-ready.

This modernisation through “RAN expansion and broadband network upgrade” will reportedly increase the capacity to manage the growing traffic and data volume as well as improve customer experience in Brunei.

UNN was formed in 2019, when Brunei consolidated the infrastructure of the country’s three mobile and Internet service providers into a national wholesale network.

Commenting on the progress made with regards to the modernisation of its network, UNN CEO Dr Steffen Oehler was cited by RCR Wireless as saying: “90% of base stations in the country are already modernised and in place with the technology to start 5G services in the country. The infrastructure is ready for the 5G launch.”

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