OTT service Bugaboo TV migrates to Brightcove Video Cloud

Bugaboo TV
Image credit: Samsung

Brightcove says that Thailand’s BBTV is using Brightcove Video Cloud for its recently launched AVOD OTT service, Bugaboo TV.

The service enables Bugaboo TV viewers to securely stream movie content, news content, live sports and 24/7 simulcast.

BBTV hosts a streaming platform in Thailand. For Bugaboo TV, BBTV was looking to migrate to a more robust and reliable platform that would scale with the growth of its AVOD OTT service.

Since the launch of the new platform on Video Cloud, BBTV has seen an increase in monthly views from 10 million to 40 million for just one of the local drama series, a 4x increase in viewership compared to the previous platform.

Chakrapun Leelamasavat, managing director of BBTV New Media, said that BBTV has been one of the first adopters of some of Brightcove’s latest features such as context aware encoding, gallery experiences and dynamic delivery.

“By being able to utilize these features, the performance of the new infrastructure and the results we are seeing so far has been outstanding, and we can see by the surge in video traffic that our viewers are definitely delighted with this new video experience,” Chakrapun said.

Brightcove claims that by powering BBTV’s online video offering, BBTV has increased potential monetizable video inventory by 300% and reduced costs by utilizing content aware encoding, a new video compression technology that lowers the total cost of ownership and improves video quality.

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