Carrier consulting services are in big demand, but who is setting the pace?

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In 2017, Huawei established the Digital Transformation Innovation Practice Center (DTPC). The DTPC is dedicated to working with customers to build a new digital future, create new industry values, and develop a new business ecosystem. Its aim is to help carriers proactively cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies, new business, and new models, to create and obtain value for customers.

The launch was timely, indeed. With changes to the ICT industry and the emergence of new technologies such as 5G, Cloud, artificial intelligence and the rise of B2B market demand, carriers are facing more and more uncertainties and refined operational challenges. However, as digital transformation evolves so do the processes required to manage them.

Digital is accelerating, changing lives and businesses trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and digital transformation methodology is changing constantly. Customer expectations are causing us to redefine the next generation of operations to meet their needs.

The essence of digital transformation is now about providing a premium experience for the customer, partners and employees to stimulate collaborative value. Huawei refers to this as PEAKS and is illustrated in the following chart.

Today based on DTPC, Huawei Consulting offers three digital services:

  • Consulting services – guiding customers to reach a digital consensus and vision, develop an action plan and roadmap for comprehensive digital transformation, and design a digital blueprint solution covering strategy, business, operation, technology, and governance.
  • Co-creation service – using data-driven thinking to stimulate digital creativity, and collaborate with customers to accelerate product innovation and incubation, improve product experience, and shorten the iteration period.
  • Enablement service – through industry research and industry map, enable customers to understand industry development trends, design and verify business models, and achieve closed-loop and scale replication of business values.

The latest top-level architecture reference developed by Huawei for carrier digital transformation is referred to as the 5D Model encompassing Digital Strategy, Digital Operation, Digital Service, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Governance. Based on customer journey experience, Huawei helps carriers plan and design customer experience management transformation to enhance the experience and long-term competitiveness.

To meet these challenges, carriers require comprehensive professional consulting services and solutions, covering strategic predictions, top-level design, product and offering designs, end-to-end network planning, operation optimization, and reconstruction and ecosystem value-based operations, to maximize investment benefits, achieve sustainable development and positive business cycles.

Huawei Carrier Consulting Services has become a professional consulting service provider with in-depth scenario capabilities, systematic analysis and problem-solving capabilities, with global reach and telecom industry know-how. It now provides consulting services for 100 carriers+ worldwide, covering 75% of the top 50 carriers, in 13 countries and regions or countries, including China, South Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia and North Africa and has delivered 220+ digital consulting projects in the past three years.

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