AI, 5G, IoT, blockchain catalysts at Digital Transformation Asia

TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration, has announced that 17 innovative Catalyst proof-of-concept projects are lined up for Digital Transformation Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from November 12-14. Led by the world’s largest communication service providers and vendors, Catalysts showcase the power of TM Forum’s global collaboration community.

With a faster cycle time than in-house R&D, the Forum’s Catalyst projects prove the application of new technologies and validate standards. In preparation for Digital Transformation Asia, over the last six months 17 teams worked together to solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by the telecom industry and beyond. Aligned with key industry topics on the conference agenda, the 17 projects will be showcased on the sold-out demo floor at the conference.

“The Catalyst projects prepared for Digital Transformation Asia exemplify the depth of expertise of TM Forum’s collaboration community when it comes to solving today’s industry challenges,” said Andy Tiller, Executive Vice President, Member Innovation, TM Forum. “From 5G monetization to AI for customer experience to using blockchain to build a 5G economy, these 17 projects are pushing the boundaries of innovation to benefit the whole industry.”

Digital Transformation Asia’s Catalysts projects are as follows:

5G monetization and new business models

  • 5G Pricing & Monetization Innovation – Champions: China Mobile, China Telecom; Participants: AsiaInfo, CAICT, BUPT, Si-Tech
  • 5G Value Plus Lifestyle – Champion: China Telecom; Participants: AsiaInfo, BUPT, Whale Cloud, ZTE
  • AI for 5G Billing Data Acceleration – Champion: China Unicom; Participants: BUPT, Si-Tech, Whale Cloud
  • Hyperscale Architecture BSS for a 5G Future – Champion: China Unicom; Participants: AsiaInfo, qcubic, Si-Tech, Tianyuan DIC
  • Zero-Touch Partnering (Phase III) – Champions: BT, Vodafone; Participants: DGIT, Sigma Systems, Oracle, Unico 

AI for network automation 

  • AI for Greener Telco – Champion: China Telecom; Participants: AsiaInfo, BUPT, DataSpark Pte. Ltd.
  • AI for IT & Network Operations (AIOps) (Phase III) – Champions: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Smart Comm, KDDI Research; Participants: BOCO, BONC, Huawei, KDDI Research, Si-Tech, Tech Mahindra
  • Glaucus-Precision on Telco Data – Champion: China Telecom; Participants: AsiaInfo, BOCO, Huawei, ZTE 

AI for digital customer experience

  • Digital Personalization Platform for Customer Experience – Champion: STC; Participants: Cognizant, Huawei, Teradata
  • MindReader (Phase III) – Champion: Telstra; Participants: Cloudsense, Nokia, Unico
  • Open AI Business Assurance Market Place (Phase II) – Champions: BT, Deutsche Telekom, Hrvatski Telekom, Orange; Participants: Amdocs, IBM

Vertical market ecosystems 

  • API Store – Champion: China Unicom, Participants: BONC, Si-Tech, Tianyuan DIC
  • App Trading Marketplace: A Framework for CSP Collaboration – Champions: Dialog Axiata, Deutsche Telekom, Robi; Participants: Axiata Digital Labs, Apptium, Ericsson, Huawei
  • Wirtschaftswunder: Leveraging 5G for Industry 4.0 – Champion: BT; Participants: Infosys, Nokia, TTG International 

Innovations with new technologies

  • Becoming EDGY – Champions: AIS, Airtel, Globe Telecom, KDDI Research, Optus, Telkomsel, Singtel; Participants: Ericsson, Infosys, Intel, VMware
  • Blockchain-based 5G Collaboration Economy (Phase II) – Champions: China Telecom, China Unicom; Participants: CAICT, IBM, Whale Cloud
  • DAPP-based Capability Exposure and Marketplace – Champion: China Mobile; Participants: AsiaInfo, BUPT, HPE, Newland 

Read more about the Catalyst projects on the Digital Transformation Asia website.

For business leaders at the C-Level looking for exclusive, peer-to-peer networking and exchange, TM Forum is hosting an exclusive CXO Summit on at the conference on Monday, November 11. Seats are limited and invitation only. Contact [email protected] to learn more. 

Digital Transformation Asia Sponsors include: Axiata, Singtel and Telenor; Diamond Sponsor: Ericsson; Platinum Sponsor: Tech Mahindra; Gold Sponsors: Comarch, CSG, Nexign and Sigma; and Silver Sponsors: DGIT, Huawei, Open Roads, Oracle Communications and WaveNet. 

Interested in attending Digital Transformation Asia? Qualified service providers, journalists and analysts may apply for complimentary passes to the event.

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