CellMining says new network CEM tech can predict network detractors

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CellMining has announced the launch of Virtual Network NPS, billed as the first technology able to predict network detractors across the entire mobile subscriber base without the need for an NPS survey.

By correlating the responses of surveyed subscribers with key quality indicators (KQI) observed and analyzed by CellMining’s subscriber network analytics – such as low quality VoLTE calls, slow video streaming, or frequent dropped connections when traveling – CellMining’s embedded machine learning model can actively predict the detractors from the entire subscriber base for which it has analyzed KQIs.

This gives the marketing team the power to identify both detractors for retention campaigns and promoters who can be nurtured, CellMining said.

It also directly provides the network team with insights for automating network configuration changes, performance optimization, and enhanced prioritization for network tasks, based on subscriber data including NPS metrics.

“The impact of network quality on the brand NPS score is a major concern for network operators today, and a technology to predict detractors will be a game changer for them,” said Greg (Giora) Snipper, CEO of CellMining. “Until now they have lacked an effective tool to fully assess NPS from a network performance perspective, or to measure how effective any remedial actions have been.”

CellMining adds that Virtual Network NPS integrates with its Network CEM solution, which provides marketing and customer experience teams with market-wide customer satisfaction metrics that correlate subscriber experience data with parameters that include device type, cells, technology, service, and quality.

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