CenturyLink brings enhanced managed security suite to APAC

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CenturyLink has launched its Managed Security Services 2.0 suite in Asia-Pacific, empowering organizations to be more proactive in how they protect against, detect and respond to threats as cyber attacks become more sophisticated.

The enhanced suite delivers advanced security monitoring, threat detection and incident response services to help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture as they continue their digital transformation efforts.

The suite includes security log monitoring with trending and threat analysis, which consolidates event data from an IT enterprise and security devices via a comprehensive log correlation and monitoring service, with 24/7/365 support from GAIC-certified security analysts. With this service, deep historical insights are added to log data and integrated with threat intelligence to enable comprehensive reporting via a MSS portal, helping internal security teams understand their evolving threat landscape. The portal enables customers to create detailed, custom dashboards and reports on security events and incidents.

The threat intelligence feature provides information from more than 50 intelligence feeds and is standard for every security log monitoring customer. Threat intelligence information is then correlated and integrated into an organization’s IT enterprise and mapped to their critical assets. Advanced threat intelligence is also available to provide real-time information to protect against new threats aimed at organizations today.

Incident management and response provides an overlay team of security experts to vet incidents and respond quickly and effectively to possible attacks and breaches.

CenturyLink Managed Security Services 2.0, which builds on CenturyLink’s managed security platform, offers flexible deployment options and helps organizations avoid increased spending with a predictable operating expense model that combines human skill with complete transparency so customers can see and verify the work being done on their behalf. The platform integrates with existing security information and event management systems, and supports entire IT stacks via a single, intuitive portal.

The risk of cyber threats is growing in APAC. The Global Risks Report 2017 by the World Economic Forum ranks cyber attacks as one of the most significant risks of doing business in Asia Pacific. Meanwhile, 85% of Singapore-based CIOs expect more cyber attacks due to a shortage of skilled IT security professionals.

“Security is the top concern that holds many companies in the region back from digital transformation,” said Francis Thangasamy, CenturyLink’s vice president, IT services and managed hosting, Asia Pacific. “While more than 55% of APAC companies already have a formal digitization strategy, about 35% of enterprises expressed concerns about a potential failure to secure sensitive data.”

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